Ettemadis is a luxurious tailoring house located in The Hague.
The company is run by fashion and tailoring family Etemadi.


The family adventure begins in 1952 when opening the first atelier in Tehran, capital of former Persia.

To this day, Ettemadis’ vision remains unchanged. The complete dedication to elegance and quality and continuation of the tailoring craft through a blend of tradition and innovation.


Amir Etemadi is the current face of Ettemadis - making use of years of his family's knowledge and experience.

After years of training on the job under the guidance and inspiration of my father - designer and master tailor - Amir decided in 2010 to entirely focus on the family business.

Amir designs the garments himself every time, cuts all the patterns and leads a team of expert tailors. For his clients Amir is always their private point of contact; both as a tailor and style consultant. With this personal approach Amir currently advises to countless demanding and style-conscious men all over the world.